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You’ve decided where you want to go – now is the fun part: planning where to sleep, what to look at and how to stuff your face. Hopefully, these Essential Bits will lead you to the unmissable bits to any place you venture for the first time or the twentieth.

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I truly believe the silence is what I love about winter. Traipsing through the snow-covered hills of the Vallée de la Manche just outside the Morzine ski resort in the Savoie Mont Blanc region of France, we couldn’t hear a thing except the crunching of […]

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Anyone versed in The Three Sisters, Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s work, knows the passion Olga and Irina have in getting to the big city. “To Moscow, To Moscow, To Moscow”…”Quickly to Moscow”…not to be there is a life “without poetry, without meaning.” What is it […]

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I may have been birthed in New York and bred in Pennsylvania, but, in another life, I know I was born with a Kentuckian soul. Handling a horse by four years old and drinking bourbon by forty might not be the only requirements for feeling […]

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Let it be in your stills and in your storms, Fair Lake, in your cavorting sloping sides, In the black pine trees, in the savage rocks That hang above your tides; Le Lac by Alphonse de laMartine Most of you have probably never heard of […]

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Once upon a time, the sestiere (quarter) of Canareggio was considered off the beaten path in Venice. Tourists trudged back and forth from the train station down the Strada Nova to St. Mark’s Square and back. If the masses did find themselves in this part […]

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What city actually has a sausage that is so sacred that it is protected under EU law? Nuremberg, Germany! I was spending 48 hours in Nuremberg and, of course, the goal was to sample as many of these sacred sausages as we could. Whilst in […]