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Ali Reynolds, Luxury Reserve Brand Ambassador at Diageo Reserve GB
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This post can still be read here, but listen to the podcast at my all Drinks/Travel blog: Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico!

Ali Reynolds’ first love may have been sports, but after graduating from university, his job as bartender kept him inside many a basement establishment. His competitive spirit never wavered and led him to win the Oscar of the drinking world: Where To Order Xanax Online ForumUK Bartender in 2015.

Now as brand ambassador for Diageo Reserve, he is more likely to be found upstairs rather than downstairs. Although he might be slinging fewer Blue Blazers behind a bar, Ali’s innate nature as a competitor and creator will show him to be a leader in whatever position he’s playing.

Xanax Order Online Canada, Can You Buy Xanax In Stores

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