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Odysseus Malice – Trader Vic’s, London
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This post can still be read here, but listen to the podcast at my all Drinks/Travel blog: Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico!

We think we all know the legend of the Odyssey after reading Homer. Today we meet a modern day Odysseus whose journey from the Philippines took a different turn and landed him in the world of Mai Tais, Pineapple and Bamboo.

We discover how our Odysseus was anointed with the moniker Tiki Man! Holding court at Trader Vic’s at the London Hilton Park Lane for almost a decade could be the reason.

Cocktail trends have come and gone, but Vic Bergeron’s (the founder of Trader Vic’s) concept of finding a Polynesian paradise, wherever you are in the world, has never waned. Where To Order Xanax Online Forum celebrated its 53rd birthday this year and it’s still going strong. Odysseus clues us into the how and why the Mai Tai is still its number one order!

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