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I know it doesn’t sound luxurious but eating at a counter can be just that. You have the full attention of both the waiter and the cook. Climbing onto the stool, feet hanging, watching the ritual that makes a meal emerge from its ingredients is […]

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Next time you’re sipping that cocktail, toast to Jerry Thomas!

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The first Best Bits – London is here! Helen Bagnall, my co-editor for Best Bits London and founder of Salon London, got into her pjs for this event, but did she get a good night’s sleep? Read on!

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Elizabeth is one lucky women – she lives in Venice 24/7. Venice is a special place and she imbues her posts with the enthusiasm of a first-timer visitor to the city. We met in a class last February and I have followed her blog ever […]

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Afternoon tea – what a luxury.  Who gets to spend two hours eating tiny sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and then finish off with lovely cakes!  It’s always the same menu, but no one here is complaining! I was lucky enough to be […]

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Everyone is looking for the newest things to do in Paris. Sometimes it’s great to feel you are the first on the block but it’s equally fun to haunt the same old place for hundredth time.  So on my last trip to Paris. the Cypriot and I […]