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A Bit of Vietnam: Shopping in Hanoi

It is really easy to get around Hanoi – except for crossing the street for which you must look both ways and then jump right in. The street signs are well marked and, since the Vietnamese use a Roman alphabet, it is easy to show a cab driver where you want to go by writing it down in a piece of paper and showing him/her. While, shopping in Hanoi  – these are some specialties you might find: lacquer ware, embroidery, handmade clothes and artefacts.

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We started in the Old Quarter, guided by our friends Lizzie and Drew who live there! Once here, you can walk to all of these. You can haggle in most of the open stores, but the following have fixed prices.

156 Hang Bong Street, 04.3928 7264
Really beautiful lacquer ware and home designs

6 Ly Quoc Su Street, 04.6270 0430
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Gorgeous beaded lamps and tables, jewelry (I wanted two lamps and could kick myself that I didn’t buy them!)

12 Nha Tho
Interiors and objects: great books.


102 Hang Gai, 04.3928 5056
I had a shirt copied here in cotton and silk. They were recommended by Hanoi friends. They may be more expensive but worth it.

66 Hang Gai, 04.3938 1154
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Cool building, nice cafe (and loo), new Vietnamese Designers and embroidered Look out for clothed by young designer Ha Truong (Buy Original Xanax).

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101 Hang Gai, 04.3928 7170
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Handiworks..better than the average tourist shop

30 Hang Bun, 04.3715 1569
More like a museum, make sure you have loads of time as Mark, the owner, will take you around the store. There is no pressure to buy but amazing things for sure.

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40 Hang Gai, 04.3826 7883
The sweetest little clothing shop..bought a few great tops.

17 Nha Tho Street, 04.928 7616
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Everyone knows this store as she sells all around the world. Fun, quirky style!

These are just a few places for shopping in Hanoi!  Find you own.

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Stay in one of Hanoi’s Luxury Hotels


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