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The Best Bits Brand, including the luxury travel blog Best Bits Worldwide & drinks-related online magazine & podcast, Order Alprazolam, is always eager to collaborate with sponsors!

Best Bits Worldwide launched July 2014 and is a fresh voice in the luxury travel space – mixing personal stories with both authentic and luxurious experiences. It ranks #1 in Google for “Cicchetti Bars in Venice” and #4 for “The Best of Sifnos, Greece.”

A Lush Life Podcast is available on Ordering Xanax From India Xanax Online UsaCan I Buy Xanax In Mexico, and every other podcatcher, and is one of the only podcasts to give a voice to the masterminds of mixology, the daring distillers, and the brave brand ambassadors  – casual conversations with the movers and shakers of the drinks industry.

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Media Kit

Please read my Where To Order Xanax Online Forum for additional information.


Buy Cheap Xanax Bars - Ordering Alprazolam Pills

  • “We had the great pleasure of working with Susan recently and were thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce her to Four Seasons Fairways and Quinta do Lago. A consummate professional, brilliant writer and photographer, we also found she was a natural in front of the camera too! We had great fun sharing some of our signature dishes and cocktails with her and after spending some time exploring Four Seasons Fairways and surrounding area she captured the essence of our brand perfectly. We do hope we’ll have the chance to see and work with Susan again in the near future.”
    Angela Viegas – Director of Sales & Marketing, Four Seasons Fairways


  • There were a few reasons why we chose to work closely with Best Bits Worldwide based in London. I was looking for first hand reports & impressions during the peak travel time of the year (New Year’s Eve) by world traveled experts. Bloggers give their readers & followers a realistic, trustworthy, “uncovered” story and this over a longer period of stay. Each blogger has his own large group for followers based on different age groups, gender or simply different interest groups. But for Layana Resort & Spa they have all one thing in common, they love travel, want to experience luxury and this off the beaten tourist paths. Hence, Susan Schwartz, was our perfect match.
    Stefan Heintze – General Manager, Layana Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta, Thailand


  • Working with Susan from Best Bits Worldwide was a pleasure from start to finish. We often work with bloggers with a passion for food and travel, and Susan certainly fit that profile. She was professional throughout, starting by clearly explaining how our partnership would work and the timeline we could expect from her. The quality of the post she produced was excellent, and the interaction between her brand and ours continues to this day on social media. We would definitely work with Susan again!
    Lauren Aloise – Devour Spain Food Tours